Jurgen Appelo's obsession with networks: Agile Lean Network

Not an new alliance, consortium or institute. But a flourishing network. Jurgen talks a lot about networks in his presentations and book. He has started a call to action to create one.

Why you ask? Because Europe stayed behind in Agile conferences which span different countries and have a very dispersed Agile landscape. The reason for this is that every country in Europe has their own culture and language and donot care about anything outside this sphere.

I'm an expert about this kind of behavior due to the fact I live in Belgium. The country without a government for over 250 days and counting.

Actually I live in Flanders the Flemish speaking part. I don't know anything south of the language border where they speak French: what they watch on TV, which conferences or events they shedule etc. I don't know a thing. This is a country of only 10 million people and I don't know about the other half.

So The undertaking of Jurgen is a massive one. Remove all these constraints and join nations, something in which even the EU has problems in succeeding and aligning everyone.

Can the theory about complex systems from Jurgens book succeed in reality. Instead of watching from the sideline join the LinkedIn Group.