AWS cli: quering multiple accounts

At skyscrapers we manage the aws infrastructure for multiple clients. We automated accessing the different aws consoles with a pretty cool script. It gives our federated user automatically a login url and opens a browser accessing this url. It uses 2FA and the access is only temporary to add more security. Maybe this is a writeup on itself ;)

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Remote working in a far away timezone: Preparation

Skyscrapers is based in Belgium. I work for Skyscrapers from Bulgaria with a timezone difference from only 1 hour + a small distance to cover to visit to Belgium. Another colleague experiments with working in Ethiopia which has 1 hour time difference. Visiting Belgium from more remote places is difficult. But he was only worried about his internet connection.

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Goodbye consultancy

I worked as project manager and seen different dysfunctional behaviors and processes. Matrix projects where I needed resources from different teams who were in no way motivated or interested in the result of "the" project. You n+1 managers re-writing your project reports to the steerco's presenting nice water melons.

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Lessons learned saying stupid things about agile testing

How fast should you run from a lion when he attacks you? Faster then the slowest one in your group.

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Retrospective: devops, the First 5 Years

I've attended devopsday 2014 in Ghent. This was a nice experience and I liked the fact the focus was more on people instead of tools. At the end of the conference there was a retrospective on the first 5 years of devops. I could not stay to attend but still I want to chime in.

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