Cucumber + watir webdriver on macosx

As project manager I also took on the part time role as tester for a new project I'm working on. Together with my customer I have written cucumber test scenario's. When trying to automate the testing I needed to get watir working on macosx with cucumber.

These instructions will install and run watir webdriver with headless chrome. There are some known issues with watir webdriver.

Make sure you also read the FAQ

There are some waiting issues.

But you can circumvent this by adding:

require "watir-webdriver/extensions/wait"

These give you access to following methods:

Watir::Wait.until { "" }: where you can wait for a block to be true
object.when_present.set: where you can do something when it's present
object.wait_until_present:; where you just wait until something is present
object.wait_while_present:; where you just wait until something disappears
Instead of installing and configuring my environment to start testing. I just use the work of somebody else to get me started. It does everything for me.

First install de Chrome driver

install it in your PATH

ln -s "/Applications/Google"/ \
ln -s "/Applications/ Chrome" \

Clone from git:

git clone
cd EtsyWatirWebDriver

I just drop my .feature files in de feature dir accompanied with my step definitions.