Howto use LESS Bootstrap with nanoc

I had some trouble getting nanoc to work with bootstrap LESS. But it wasn't so difficult to setup.

First download bootstrap with less: getbootstrap

Unzip this file and copy the LESS folder into your nanoc content folder. I copied all the *.less*files into mysite/content/assets/bootstrap

Edit your Rulesfile.

compile '/assets/bootstrap/bootstrap' do
    filter :less
    filter :rainpress

route '/assets/bootstrap/bootstrap' do
  item.identifier.chop + '.css'

## hack:
##       Bootstrap.less already processed and routed
##       But don't want to use the other less files :)

route '/assets/bootstrap/*/' do

You only compile the bootstrap.less and need to exclude the other *.lessfiles. I feel I did it on a non-elegant way but it did the trick.

Next step is to edit the default.html where you indicate to use your new compiled bootstrap.css.

<link href="/assets/bootstrap/bootstrap.css" rel="stylesheet">

After running nanoc compile you should be using your own compiled bootstrap.css. Now you can edit the variables.less to edit the default behaviour or add your own less files. Don't forget to import them or add them to the Rules

Also you can add the bootstrap javascripts to assets folder if you need them. Again add this to the Rulesand maybe use the minify option.

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